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Branded & Delivered in 6 days

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The Slide USB Flash Drive is the definition of convenience and function. The smooth sliding feature reveals a USB-C connector at one end. The other end features the standard USB connector which can fold upwards to reveal the Micro-USB. With 3 connectors available, your Customers and Clients can plug their branded Flash Drive into hundreds of different devices. The Slide can be Screen Printed and Laser Engraved with your logo, brand message, website, slogan and more.

Recent Reviews of Slide

24 Jul 2023

This is my 2nd purchase and it went…

This is my 2nd purchase and it went very smooth and simple. The ordering process is very clear and I was kept informed of every step until the shipment is received in our office.
Ryad Mansour
3 Apr 2023

I dropped the ball on this one and…

I dropped the ball on this one and forgot to get my order in early but Ellie was wonderful and got me everything I needed in time for our Furniture show. Thank you Ellie!
Ebony Woodworking
16 Feb 2023

Overall company is great to work with…

Overall company is great to work with and I appreciate the quick responses. The flash drive we received is a great product. No disappointment.
27 Jan 2023

Great Product and Excellent Customer…

Great Product and Excellent Customer Service. Very Happy with the fast delivery of the USB C flash Sticks. Highly Recommended.
20 Jun 2022

Excellent service

Excellent quality and costumer service.
Svetlana Hafner
17 Mar 2022

Brillinat product and quality

Brillinat product and quality, very pleased
Ben Abbott

Slide USB Flash Drive

Branded & Delivered in 6 days

Delivery Canada-Wide

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Data Preloading
We can preload your Flash Drives with presentations, product catalogs or any other promotional materials you desire.
Individual Naming
We can engrave every item in your order with a unique name or serial number. These unique values will accompany your logo and slogan on the product.
Magnet Box
Made from a strong translucent plastic, the Magnet Box can fit a variety of products. The lid is kept securely shut by two small magnets. The Magnet Box has a custom-made insert that's fitted to the product inside. The top of the box can be Screen Printed with your logo, which will be visible through the transparent lid of the box.
Printable Neckstrap
The Printed Neckstrap has a 12mm width and is printed with your logo. The neckstrap allows the user to hang the product around their neck.
RoHS This product fully conforms to RoHS Directive (EU Restriction of hazardous substances). View Certificate

Branding and Print Area

Screen Printing

Area Front: 45mm X 18mm
Area Back: 45mm X 18mm

Laser Engraving

Area Front: 45mm X 18mm
Area Back: 45mm X 18mm

Branding Area designated by
Dimensions and Weight
Length: 50mm (1.97 inches)
Width: 24.8mm (0.98 inches)
Height: 10mm (0.39 inches)
Weight: 8 grams (0.28 ounces)

View Dimensional Diagram